About us

What we love to do

How it started

Ever since I was a teenager, I had a passion for design and marketing. I spent thousands of hours teaching myself creative software programs and soon started getting marketing projects from my father and his friend’s business’.

It took a few years to come to the conclusion that what I loved most; was developing names and logos. I knew the importance of a good name for a business and felt like I had a feeling for what makes a name “work”, that’s why I started Companame.com.

Quality over quantity

In researching the market for buying a name I found that there was a lean towards quantity, rather than quality. Besides that, I found the existing prices on the market way too high for an average startup. That’s why I wanted to position Companame as a quality provider; fewer names but each one of them should be a winner, at a fair price.

The future

In the near future I want to continue to grow the brand and expand the team. I want people worldwide to know that if you need a quality name, you to go Companame.