How it works

What happens when you buy a domain name from us

Buying a domain name

On our website, we offer domain names for sale. A domain name is your internet adress through which people can visit your website and email you. We invent most of the names ourselves, some of the name are bought on auctions / marketplaces ( these are names that might have been used by someone else before ).

Step 1: Choose the name you like and complete the payment

Within 24 hours of completing your order we will email you domain transfer code. The domain transfer ( authorisation ) code is what enables you to claim ownership of your new domain name. We will also email you the official invoice for your order. If you have ordered a name that includes a logo, you will also receive the logo files via email.

Step 2: Claim ownership of your domain name

Using the code in your email, you can claim ownership of the domain name via your domain name registrar / hosting company of your choice.

A domain name registrar hosts your websites files and data on their server and enables you to run a website. If you don’t have one, a domain name registrar like Namecheap or Godaddy is a great choice to start and will cost you around 10 Euro/Dollar per year

That’s it!

You are now officially the owner of your dotcom domain. You are ready to build a website and attract customers using your powerful domain name.

Although it’s a simple process, we are happy to handle the domain name transfer if that makes you feel more comfortable. Feel free to contact us.

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